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Colourimetry :

This test is essential in image consulting.
It will influence not only the choice of colours of your clothes, your accessories, but also your hair colour and the nuances of your makeup.
During this session, we will work together to determine your colours, those that will enhance you.
A flattering colour makes you look good, erases signs of fatigue, outlines the oval of your face and highlights the colour of your eyes.
Other colours, on the contrary will mark the dark rings under your eyes, blur your complexion, bring out your imperfections or harden your features.
At the end of this session, you will take away with you a colour chart format e-book listing your colours.
Price : 80€
Duration : 1 hour

Morpho diagnosis :

This determining session of the coaching process, it will allow us to reveal your morphological profile.
This determining session of the coaching process, it will allow us to reveal your morphological profile. Thanks to it, you will be able to understand the rules when choosing your outfits (cut, material, texture) so as to harmonize your silhouette, to enhance your assets and to forget about complexes.

Price : 80€
Duration : 1 hour

Dress style :

This coaching session aims to analyse your current style and your aspirations.
This analysis will take into consideration a number of elements including your identity and your lifestyle.
Because it is unique, your dress style has to be related to your personality.

Don’t forget that your clothes reflect your tastes and your lifestyle.

Tarif: 100€
Duration : 1 hour

Closet detox :

A full closet at home and yet still feeling you have nothing to wear in the morning? Do not panic.
This step is not meant to talk you out of wearing certain clothes or to make you throw them away but rather to see if you have enough clothes to assert your new style.
During this session, we will give you tips to organize your wardrobe (sort out, rearrange, classify).
We will make a list of the major missing items in your wardrobe.
We will imagine together outfits suitable for various occasions (work clothes, outings with friends, parties, etc...)

Tarif: 150€
Duration : 2 hours
50€ par heure supplémentaire

Personal Shopper :

How often have you bought clothes (expensive ones sometimes!) without wearing them or just not knowing how to associate them?
It is precisely where the interest of this session lies :
It will help you acquire good reflexes and you will never go shopping the way you used to.
You will have a clear eye and confidence in your choices.
Exit the fashion faux pas and the ill-spent money.

Tarif: 150€
Duration : 2 hours
50€ par heure supplémentaire

Cosmetology - make-up:


We all have different skin types.
Each has different needs, depending on its type and age.
During this session, we will analyse your habits and correct any error in your beauty routine.
This will allow you to solve your skin problems .
You will go back home with your beauty prescription which will constitute your weekly care guide.


You're fed up with these never ending make-up sessions every morning, aren’t you? Don’t you wish you knew how to choose the ideal foundation at a glance, how to make your lips look irresistible, how to enhance the shape and colour of your eyes, how to apply makeup in less than 15 minutes? This is precisely the purpose of this session. Learn how to select, use and optimally apply the products adapted to your complexion, your complexion and the mood of the moment.

Tarif: 90€
Duration : 1 hour 30mn


This session is about defining your face shape, the nature of your hair and their hue. You will be able to select the cut that suits you. At the end of this session you will be given an e-book including your hair prescription.

Prix: 60 euros / prestation sans accompagnement chez le coiffeur.

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