Weeding Day

Prêt-à-oser will be by your side for the best day of your life, offering and offer you a service that meets your expectations.
This package includes :

  • Colourimetry : an indispensable test that will define the choice of makeup, jewellery and hair colouring.
  • Morphology: a determining session in the coaching process for the choice of THE dress.
  • Cosmetology and make-up : end up this session with your beauty prescription. In addition, a self make-up course will teach you how to be autonomous and sublimate your skin according to your skinhead type.
  • Shopping session : logical follow-up of the morphological study, we will try on different dresses adapted to your morphology and to your style as well as accessories in order to find the ideal outfit.
  • Accompanying hair and make-up test : appointment a few weeks before the D-day for a fitting with talented professional partners.

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A moment dedicated to beautifying your face including which includes:

  • Colourimetry session
  • Make-up self-study course and cosmetology advice
  • Hair care and advice
Tarif: 215€
Duration : 3 hours 30mn

Check your dress

  • Morphological analysis
  • Style search
  • Two hours of shopping with your own personal shopper

Tarif: 315€
Duration : 4 hours


  • Colourimetry
  • Hair care and advice
  • Cosmetology and make-up lesson
  • Morphological study
  • Dress style
  • Two hours of closet detox
  • Two hours of shopping with your own personal shopper
Tarif: 680€
Duration : 10 hours


Prêt-à-oser will help you advertise your values and your expertise

Quotation on request

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